Founded in 1994, Newsec is the largest property administration company in the Nordic region. The company identified a need to strengthen its employer brand and understood that their employee benefits offer was crucial to that. Newsec chose Benify as its partner to help them improve their Nordic solutions.

With more than 2,000 employees in seven markets in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region, including 600 people in Denmark, Newsec is the largest property administration company in the Nordic region. The company understands that their employees are crucial to their success.

“We put our employees first to ensure that there is strong cooperation within our organisation, as this creates the right kind of commitment that’s needed for our clients. We believe that if we can create a culture where every employee feels appreciated, our values will be infused into the services we provide for our clients and customers”, says Preben Moll, Team Leader, HR at Newsec.

Knowing that employee benefits play an important role in creating happier and more satisfied employees, Newsec was looking for an employee benefits provider to help them offer the right benefits and increase the wellbeing of its employees. Newsec chose Benify due to the award-winning HR tech company’s comprehensive experience and tailored solutions.

Today Newsec’s benefits platform assembles the company’s full range of employee benefits all in one place. Not only that, the platform has helped Newsec significantly reduce administration in numerous areas.

However, Newsec is not stopping there. “We are looking forward to developing and using all the features and possibilities the platform offers us. For example, we are now implementing the total reward function, which gives the individual employee an overview of their overall compensation package, including their employee benefits. We also know that the platform offers us many opportunities to transfer and integrate our HR data”.

4 Areas Where Administration Has Been Significantly Reduced:

  • 1IT department

    Through automation and integration with other third-party software, the platform eliminates many manual processes.
  • 2Employee mobile phone management and delivery

    The platform manages the company’s employer-paid internet and mobile phone schemes, including new subscriptions and user support, cancellations and device replacements.
  • 3DSB Erhvervskort (Danish national rail company business travel card)

    Employees can order their DSB travel cards directly inside the platform with just a few clicks.
  • 4Gross salary scheme

    Previously a time consuming and manual process required for each and every employee, today, the platform manages Newsec’s gross salary scheme, including all calculations and processing.

“How important was it that Newsec was able to create greater awareness of its employee benefits offer?”

“It is very important to us that we can demonstrate that Newsec is an interesting and attractive place to work. Employee benefits are key to our retention efforts and our ability to attract talented employees.” - Preben Moll, Team Leader, HR at Newsec.