Sustainability at Benify

For us, being a responsible and sustainable company means being socially and environmentally responsible beyond legal and regulatory requirements. Moreover, it means striving to be an ethical frontrunner in everything that we do.

Our responsibility
In our role as a provider of compensations and benefits services, we have a great responsibility to help our clients offer sustainable benefits to their employees, which positively impact their life. We also have a responsibility to our internal and external stakeholders to be environmentally, socially and financially responsible in the way we conduct our business. As a result, we are proud to offer a wide range of benefits in our portal with a specific focus on environmental and sustainability. These benefits are marked with our Green Leaf icon, making them easy to identify by the end-user.

Benify’s Code of Conduct outlines ethical behaviour standards for all Benify employees, and in all countries where we operate. Furthermore, the Code of Conduct explains how Benify complies with international legislation and norms. It provides guidance and emphasises our commitment to ethical practices and helps us carry out our three core values: Exceed Expectations, Think Ahead and Show Love. You can read Benify’s Code of Conduct here.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our sustainability efforts, please contact our sustainability manager at

Our partnerships
We are happy to be in a partnership with the organization IT for Children. IT for Children is an independent non-profit organization based in Sweden with main operations in Ghana, West Africa. The organization’s main focus is to provide free and daily access to computers, the internet and ICT education for students in Ghana. Since the foundation of the organization in 2016 they have provided education for more than 1,800 students in Ghana.

Benify is also a friend company to Stockholm Stadsmission and thereby we support them in their work to help vulnerable people living in our society.

Innovations for a better future

As a strategic partner to more than a thousand employers worldwide, Benify is in a unique position to make sustainable solutions available to a large audience. In 2019, a concept for climate friendly travel, developed by Benify in cooperation with engineer and design company ÅF, was named one of three winners in The Swedish Energy Agency’s Sustainable Mobility Challenge.