Sustainability at Benify

At Benify, sustainability and responsible business conduct means that, in addition to complying with laws and regulations, we have a social and environmental responsibility. Furthermore, our goal is to be an ethical frontrunner and role model in all aspects of our work.

How Does Benify Work with Sustainability?

As a provider of employee benefit services, we have a great responsibility to help our clients offer sustainable benefits to their employees, which in turn have a positive impact on their lives and overall well-being.

We also have a responsibility to our internal and external stakeholders to be environmentally, socially, and financially responsible in our daily operations.

Sustainability focus areas

We have regular dialogues with our most important internal and external stakeholders – namely our clients, our employees, our owners, end users and suppliers. These stakeholders have been selected as they have a direct or indirect impact on our business or may be affected by our business operations. The purpose of these dialogues is to find out which sustainability issues are crucial for us to focus on.

From our latest stakeholder dialogue, we have identified five general sustainability areas:



Code of Conduct

Benify’s Code of Conduct outlines ethical behavior standards for all Benify employees, and in all countries where we operate. Furthermore, the Code of Conduct explains how Benify complies with international legislation and norms. It provides guidance and emphasizes our commitment to ethical practices and helps us carry out our three core values: Exceed Expectations, Think Ahead and Show Love. All employees at Benify are expected to read and confirm Benify’s Code of Conduct when starting their employment.

Sustainability report

Every year, we will present a sustainability report outlining how we are working with sustainability issues and making a difference.

Partnership with IT for Children

We are happy to be in a partnership with the IT for Children organization. IT for Children is an independent non-profit organization based in Sweden with main operations in Ghana, West Africa.

The organization’s main focus is to provide free and daily access to computers, the internet and ICT education for students in Ghana.

Since forming in 2016, the organization has provided education for more than 1,800 students in Ghana.

"Being a sustainable and responsible member of society is vital for us as a company. We believe that working more closely with sustainability can help us create both a better work culture for our employees, and positively impact our clients and society at large."
Joakim Alm
CEO, Benify


If you have any questions or would like to know more about our sustainability efforts, please contact our HR department