BMW, the prominent German manufacturer of luxury cars, is a world famous and recognizable brand. With over 85,000 employees, their benefits program needed to be streamlined. However, many of their existing processes were manual. Following a review of the HR technology market, BMW enlisted Benify’s agile and independent platform to revolutionize its employees rewards and benefits experience.

With an ambitious workforce in the thousands, BMW Group wanted to extend the same first-class service they are renowned for to their dedicated employees.

The manufacturer recognized the need for a solution that could be seamlessly adapted and scaled with their business as it grows. It needed to be universally accessible to all employees, regardless of where they worked. And with security being of utmost importance, their partner had to be trusted to safeguard sensitive data too.’

Supplying a mobile-first platform to a workforce of this magnitude and complexity appeared on the surface challenging. However, the Benify platform seamlessly integrated into BMW’s existing tech infrastructure, providing all employees with a personalized and agile benefits portal.

Before Benify, employees had to navigate multiple sources to access their benefits. Now, they could effortlessly access everything via one platform, including pensions, fitness and healthcare perks, insurances, and much more.

“Benify has streamlined and improved the digital experience for BMW employees to access and manage their benefits.”

With the Benify platform in place, BMW Group’s employees were empowered to access their benefits with ease, resulting in increased engagement and visibility of employees’ understanding of the total value invested into their wellbeing from BMW!

BMW Group’s Obstacles

  • BMW Group relied on manual processes to communicate their employee’s benefits program.
  • This led to ineffective communication, meaning that numerous benefits went unknown and unused.
  • It also meant that employees didn’t have a centralized platform to access their benefits or access real time information.

Benify’s Solution

  • Benify’s platform provided BMW Group with a centralized system, accessible via a portal and app – available anywhere, anytime, regardless of where employees worked.
  • The platform helped employees understand their total value proposition for the first time with a clear view of all their rewards and benefits in one place.
  • The Benify platform also enabled BMW to communicate to their entire workforce in real time, live and tailored to meet their individual needs.

Why was Benify the right platform for BMW Group?

“Large German manufacturers are known for their innovation and quality globally. But the employees, now more than ever, expect an even more sophisticated digital experience with the ability to manage things via apps, especially in manufacturing. Our client took the steps to ensure that who they are as a business – modern and flexible – was also reflected in their benefit offering.“ - Chris Wakely, EVP International Benify.