BAUKING GmbH is one of Germany‘s market leaders in the trade of building materials and wood supplies. With a close-knit supply and consultancy network of nearly 4,000 employees spread throughout approximately 130 locations, being able to communicate to every employee easily, including blue-collar workers, is essential.

With a total revenue of nearly one billion euros per year, BAUKING is one of Germany’s market leaders in the trade of building materials and wood supplies.

Together with Benify, BAUKING launched their benefits and total rewards platform, BAUKING4you, which serves today as a central communications channel between BAUKING’s headquarters and the company’s 4,000 employees.

In addition to improving communication and the flow of information, BAUKING4you offers employees attractive and personalized benefits such as gift cards and various company discounts.

BAUKING4you is also available as an app, which employees can access on their smartphones. All app users can access discounts and savings, including computer display glasses, which are orderable via the platform.

Best of all, BAUKING4you also includes various employee “self-service” functions, including access to payslips, creating greater efficiency for all.


    The BAUKING4you platform is also available as an app, which employees can download on their smartphones. Using the app, the company can communicate news, images, and videos with employees instantly. With the majority of employees not sitting in front of a computer or seated behind desks, communicating with your workforce on the one device that’s always with them is the only way to reach and engage your entire workforce.

    BAUKING4you includes various employee “self-service” functions. Through the platform, employees can access their payslips, upload notes regarding sick leave, and order attractive discounts and employee benefits such as gift cards with ease. Greater employee self-service means reduced administration for HR and payroll, resulting in greater efficiency all-round.

    In line with the company’s “Mehr Netto vom Brutto” [More Take-Home Pay] motto, BAUKING uses the platform’s app to reward employees through coupons. The coupons can be used to redeem tax-free gifts from over 30 companies from gas stations, fashion vendors, and even grocery stores. Rewarding employees has never been easier.

“BAUKING4you allows us to reach all employees.”

“BAUKING4you allows us to reach all employees even those who do not have a PC workstation, such as in the warehouse or logistics.” - Marc-Oliver Windbacher, Divisional Manager of Human Resources Management, BAUKING GmbH