How can you reach a widespread workforce when most of your employees do not have access to a work computer or intranet? Ambea has taken the help of Benify to create effective internal communication that also helps strengthen its culture.

Ambea is one of the leading care companies in the Nordics, with approximately 26,000 employees in various sectors, such as elderly care, housing support and education. Most employees are without daily access to a work computer or intranet. Since 2019, Ambea has been using a benefits and total rewards platform from Benify to highlight its employee benefits. The platform also contains an integrated communication engine.

In the tailor-made benefits platform called Ambea For Me, Ambea employees can log in and view their payslips, use their benefits allowance, and much more. Users with administrative rights in the platform can also create and send targeted communication to employees via email, in-platform messages and push notifications to their employees’ smartphones.

“We need more communication channels than the intranet because not everyone can access the content there. With Benify’s communication tools, we can reach our employees on their mobile phones – in a platform that they’re already used to using to log in and see their payslips and enroll in benefits”, says Filip Carlsson, Project Manager at Ambea’s communications and marketing department.

The platform is used to quickly reach out with important updates, as well as a complement to the company’s intranet to highlight positive messages:

Ambea For Me is a channel where we can build the culture, increase engagement and create a sense of community”, shares Filip Carlsson.


    Share inspirational stories from different areas of the business. It increases pride and makes more people aware of career paths internally.

    During the coronavirus outbreak, Ambea has published weekly video greetings where the company's CEO informs employees about the current situation and shows appreciation for the important work that employees are doing.

    Most of Ambea’s employees log in to Ambea For Me via their mobile phone. With Benify's app, employees can receive push notifications when the company communicates important and timely information.

Tools to Grow With

“We have already seen huge use of the communicationtools, and I look forward to seeing things develop even more. ” says Filip Carlsson.