TUI Nordic wanted to work on strengthening their employer brand and increase their attractiveness as an employer. Today, with the help of Benify, TUI Nordic now offers a wide range of employee benefits without creating additional administration for HR.

In partnering with Benify, TUI Nordic received an HR tech solution that automated their HR department’s workload. The benefits and total rewards platform is used for TUI Nordic’s strategic HR work to become one of Scandinavia’s most attractive employers.

Before implementing their Benify benefits platform, much of HR’s time revolved around answering simple questions from employees, which took away time and resources that could have been used for strategic HR work. TUI Nordic sought after a partner that could offer a digital solution that would help them create a greater workday for HR and employees.

– “I couldn’t have imagined just what a role Benify would play in our goal to be a more attractive employer. There’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to clients. We realized that the same thing holds true when it came to our employees. Depending on who you are and where in life, everyone has entirely different demands when it comes to benefits” says Björn, HR Advisor Compensation & Benefits at TUI Nordic.

  • 1Fewer questions from employees

    TUI Nordic’s HR department saw employee inquiries decrease by 65% after implementing Benify’s benefits and total rewards platform.
  • 2Engaged employees

    Employees received personal notifications encouraging them to log in to the platform, which resulted in a 9 out of 10 engagement ratio.
  • 3Quick return on investment

    TUI Nordic received a return on their investment after just twelve months thanks to not only the way the benefits platform automates processes but also the free Benify support offered to all employees.

Efficiency and engagement

– “As I see it, Benify offers a system for engagement, which makes our everyday work more efficient and sends a valuable signal to every employee that TUI Nordic is an employer that cares” says Björn Holmén.