Standard Bank Group

Standard Bank is the largest bank in Africa, with more than 44,000 employees in 22 countries. The company identified its need for a single self-service source where employees could find information about their employment. After conducting a global RFP, Standard Bank chose Benify as its partner and launched its global benefits and total rewards platform.
Standard Bank Group

With over 44,000 employees in 22 countries, Standard Bank Group is the largest bank in Africa by assets and offers a range of banking and related financial services across sub-Saharan Africa.

“At Standard Bank, being such a big corporate company, we have many perks and benefits for our employees, but there was never a central or single view where an employee could go in and view all of their benefits in real-time”, shares Jelica Nerahoo, HRIS Systems Specialist, Standard Bank Group.

After identifying the need for single self-service source where employees could find information about their employment, including compensation and benefits, the Group launched a global RFP before deciding Benify’s award-winning SaaS platform was the right solution.

Today, employees can find a visualization of their total compensation package, view vacation days and receive communications all in one place, including on their smartphones, thanks to the Benify app.

“You could think of this as a retention mechanism. It’s basically a solution where employees can go into one system and one view, through an app, and see all the benefits that are available to them,” explains Nerahoo.

Today, Standard Bank’s global benefits platform is live in 17 countries. Suffice to say, implementation on such a scale involves meticulous planning. Thanks to both Benify’s flexible, customizable solution and its global but local expertise, implementation decision was made to roll out the platform in waves to address each country’s specific benefits requirements.

Talk about a global benefits success!

5 Tips to Ensure A Perfect Launch:

  • 1Develop A Solid Understanding of How the Platform Works

    Your dedicated project manager will help you to understand how to maximize the full value of your Benify platform.
  • 2Set A Clear Scope from The Start

    A limited launch during phase one gives you the ability to “wow” employees continuously with new updates and releases.
  • 3Select A Dedicated Project Owner for The Platform

    Benify will provide you with an entire team for your launch. However, a dedicated project owner on both sides will ensure a smoother implementation.
  • 4Ensure There Is Consistency Between Your Internal And External Branding

    Your Benify platform should reflect who you as an employer. Communicate with your employees as if they were your best customers.
  • 5Communicate Your Brand-New Engagement Platform

    Use your all current communication channels to inform your employees about the upcoming launch.

“Why did Standard Bank select Benify following its RFP process?”

“Benify came out on top, and one of the things that really sold us was the mobile app. I think it is really convenient for employees to quickly access their benefits wherever they are, just log in and view something. That was definitely one of the winning points during the RFP process.” - Jelica Nerahoo, HRIS Systems Specialist, Standard Bank.