Benify helped Scania digitalize their HR processes by implementing a flexible benefits and total rewards platform, which helps their thousands of employees find the right benefits based on their individual needs.

Scania knows that they must continue to lead the way not only for their customers but also to maintain their position as an attractive employer through their employee benefits offering.

Scania made the decision to launch an employee benefits platform with Benify, which made an immediate impact. Today, the market’s leading benefits and total rewards platform gives Scania employees a clear overview of their total reward package, including hundreds of employee benefits, and easy to access, personalized information about their employment.

Scania also offers a shuttle bus, Scania Job Express, for their employees. This service has quickly become one of the most popular benefits amongst employees. It’s a unique solution for Scania for which Benify handles the ticket administration.

  • 1Less administration

    Scania handled thousands of receipts every year before implementing Benify’s solution. With the help of Benify, countless receipts have been replaced by just a handful of invoices.
  • 2High engagement ratio

    Employees receive personal notifications encouraging them to log in to the new portal. This has led to a remarkable 10 out of 10 engagement ratio.
  • 3Popular staff discounts

    Scania’s employees appreciate the access to great deals through the benefits platform. The most popular discount? Consumer electronics.

A win-win for both HR and staff

– “Benify helps us to modernise HR work through digitalisation. The best thing about the portal is that Benify can help us with all of our company-specific benefits and that each employee can find something that fits just them. Together with Benify, we bring forward an effective solution to things we previously spent much time on – which is a win-win for both employees and the HR department”, says Björn Linderbrandt at Scania.