The world's largest cosmetics company was in the market for an HR and benefits platform that would help them manage their workforce in various locations throughout Germany. That’s when they discovered Benify.

L’Oréal Germany’s search led them to Benify who helped them implement a benefits and total rewards platform called My HR Rewards, which employees can use to take advantage of bonus programs, arrange childcare, manage vacation days and much more.

The benefits platform allows L’Oréal Germany to gather all HR processes in one place while creating a unique and personal experience for each employee. The platform includes the unique “Share and Care” program, which contains childcare and healthcare, digital onboarding and a digital FAQ center. Employees can also access their payslips through the platform.

L’Oréal Germany won the prestigious European HR Excellence Awards in Berlin just one year after launching the benefits platform. The benefits administration solution was acknowledged for displaying L’Oréal Germany’s reward programs and employee benefits in a clear and simple way.

Words from the workforce:

“I love using My HR Rewards because it gives me a complete overview of my rewards and benefits in ONE easy-to-use tool, not to mention the Benify customer service, which is great!”
Sabine @ L’Oréal Germany

“My HR Rewards allows me to use my bonus exchange for L’Oréal’s childcare benefits for both of my sons. This is such a great benefit for me.” Thorsten @ L’Oréal Germany

“Through My HR Rewards, it’s easy for me to exchange my bonus into my healthcare allowance. This now gives me a bigger net-gain from my gross-salary.” Thomas @ L’Oréal Germany

More awareness increases engagement

"We wanted to find a way to better visualize our different rewards programs. By ensuring that each employee has a sound understanding of their available benefits and rewards, we would empower our employees and give even more value to our rewards programs. We were able to achieve this through a special technology developed by Benify” says Martina Heim, Compensation & Benefits Manager at L'Oréal Germany.