Despite ranking as one of Sweden's ten best employers, IFS discovered that employees were not completely aware of their employee benefits and total reward. To increase employee awareness, appreciation, and usage of their benefits, IFS partnered with Benify.

As an IT company operating in more than 60 countries, it’s essential IFS are able to attract and retain highly-skilled talent amongst fierce competition. This requires an attractive benefits offer that employees are aware of.

In Great Place to Work®’s annual workplace ranking, IFS ranked among the top ten. Despite having invested in a competitive benefits package, IFS employees did not perceive their benefits as being unique or special compared to other employers.

“When we realized that we needed to increase use and appreciation of our benefits, we turned to Benify”, says Charlotta Lilieblad, Head of HR Service Centre at IFS.

IFS launched its Benify global benefits and total rewards platform, which showed immediate results.

“With Benify, benefits appreciation increased 71% without us changing a single benefit. The only thing we did was communicate and present everything better. Benefits usage also increased. Today, 40% more people use their Health & Wellness Contribution (friskvårdsbidrag)”.

Today, IFS use Benify in all markets where it’s possible. With Benify, HR were able to reduce their administration by removing the need for IFS to create and maintain its own internal systems.


    Without having to add or change any of their benefits, the appreciation of IFS’s benefits offer increased by an incredible 71%.

    Use of the Health & Wellness Contribution (friskvårdsbidrag) increased by as much as 40% after the implementation of Benify's benefits and total rewards platform.

    Instead of handling 447 receipts a year, HR only needed to handle 12 invoices, freeing up much-needed internal resources.