Reach employees with targeted messages

Benify helps you engage every employee by communicating the right message through the right channel.

FAQ – Targeted Communication

Why is internal communication so important?

There are, of course, many reasons why internal communication is important. Informing employees of company values and policies helps to create cohesion within the organization and also increases connection and identification with the employer brand, which, in turn, leads to happy and loyal employees.

Without effective internal communication, your investment in employee benefits, such as healthcare benefits and insurance, run the risk of being wasted. In the end, it’s not the employee benefits you offer that count, but that your employees are aware of them.

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What does targeted communication mean?

Targeted communication means that the content of the message is adapted to the specific audience you wish to reach and that the message is only sent to the people or person concerned. With the help of different filters, your email, push notification, or message can, for example, be sent to everyone with access to a particular benefit, everyone in a specific age category, or everyone who works within a particular region.

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What channels does Benify use to communicate with their employees?

Through Benify’s portal, you can send emails, push notifications to smartphones or create messages which pop-up when employees log in to their personal portal. As an employer, you have the choice of creating your own mailings as an administrator in the portal or have Benify’s communications team do this for you.

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