Exceed Expectations With Our Smart Compensation And Benefits Solution

Through our partnerships with Mercer
we help companies go further

A Beneficial Partnership

Benify makes it possible to be Great at Work in Portugal through a partnership with Mercer. Through the relationship, Benify has been providing compensation and benefits management and communications solutions to Portuguese companies. Through the portal, employees can manage their benefits and control their voluntary and flexible benefits selection. Employees can also see their total rewards and more fully appreciate their employment packages. Employers in turn enjoy seamless, automatic administration and the ability to target messages and offers to their workforces.

How it Began

In Spain, Mercer was in search for a partner to provide them with a flexible employee compensation and benefits management system that would cover their needs for scalability, reporting, and future developments of key functionalities. After thorough research, Mercer identified Benify as the best service provider globally. Mercer used the Benify platform to launch clients and manage the sales cycle with support from us, including product development. With positive results from the partnership agreement, Mercer sought to expand the solution to the whole of Iberia. The successful partnership in Spain has resulted in the addition of Portugal as a market where the Benify solution helps both employers and their employees.

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