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Employee Happiness Index 2018 — E-book

Our index is based on unique insights gauged from the more than 20,000 employees and HR leaders who participated in our survey Benify Score 2018. The resulting data sets new benchmarks for today’s employers looking to increase traction, save costs and raise business performance.

Financial Wellness: The Topic You Can’t Afford to Ignore — E-book

Money worries won’t just affect your employees at home, but will also follow them to your workplace. In our eBook, we dive deep into the issue – revealing the true cost to your business and what you can do about it.

The New World of Employee Data — E-book

This eBook discusses data privacy and the present and future reality that businesses and their employees navigate during their interactions. The 5 chapters include insight, research, and ideas covering: GDPR, HR 4.0, people analytics, the 4th Industrial Revolution, ethics, and more.

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Employees’ Potential — E-book

We created this employee engagement handbook to help HR leaders inspire and nurture their talent. We capture our observations and share our experience with this reference tool — backed by research; it lists five main ways to improve the employee experience.

12 reasons to Benify

Engaging employees with their employment offer and inspiring them to participate in work life is easier when you create a digital go-to center. Learn why visualizing the total reward and personalizing communications boosts loyalty, retention, and productivity to keep you competitive.

2018 HR trends to watch

There are many players influencing today’s HR landscape: employees, HR leaders, and the organizations they work for— plus, benefit suppliers, insurance carriers, and technology providers. From what we have witnessed and experienced, we predict that 2018 will be the year of the employee.

The Benefit gap

Using data collated from across more than 15,000 employees and HR personnel across 9 industry sectors, we have been able to accurately map which benefits produce the best value throughout each stage of the employee’s lifecycle.

The year in review, 2017

Benify continues its leadership role in the global HR landscape. Through interaction with employers and their employees plus participation in events on both sides of the Atlantic, we see that the ecosystem continues its dynamic development. Read our review of the biggest HR trends in 2017 here.

The Top 10 Employee Benefits

More vacation time? Flexible working hours? Hotel and flight discounts? We surveyed 1,195 HR professionals from over 40 countries worldwide to find out which workplace benefit topped their wishlist. Click below to find out which benefit came out on top.

The compensation gap report

Did you know that as many as 8 out of 10 employees underestimate their total compensation? Simply by improving communication in this area, an employer can increase employee engagement without increasing outlay. Read more in our report here.

Build your employer brand
Case study

How does the modern employer go about building an effective employer brand? What are today’s challenges and what else do you need to consider? Find out how we at Benify went about building our own employer brand and what we learned along the way.

The year in review, 2016

Benify enjoyed a landmark year which yet again saw us develop even more new and exciting features across our product. However, which other trends dominated the HR scene throughout 2016? Read our review of the biggest HR trends in 2016 here.

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