Global Benefits Management

Discover a new type of analytics

Executive Global Intelligence Dashboard

Strategic Benchmarking

Take employee, compensation, and benefits information and compare the data and statistics between two or more countries. Metrics can be benchmarked in areas of employee attraction and employee retention. Benefit selections, popularity based on participation, and costs, as well as employee exits, absenteeism, and terminations can all be viewed and filtered.

Custom Analysis and Reporting

Data is often gathered from different sources and multiple HR teams worldwide. Benify’s smart analytics tool centralizes all employee, compensation, and benefits data and provides the executive with a user-friendly way to understand the information, draw conclusions, and act to further strategies.

Story-telling and Presentations

Export data into PowerPoint presentations for management discussions and reporting. You’ll be able to visualize trends, answer tough questions, and justify your global HR benefits strategy. We make data understandable to help you with engagement programs, benefit offer redesign, and even recruitment efforts.

Multi-faceted, Actionable Overview – With the Global Intelligence Dashboard, the HR Executive is given access to company-wide compensation and benefits data plus employee information—all in one place. From data extracted from the Benify portal plus any integrated back office information system, he or she can feel comfortable knowing there’s solid data available to support decision-making and management discussion.

The Global HR Director can monitor benefit offers, costs, and enrollment wherever the organization has its staff. Comparing key metrics and performance indicators from country to country becomes easy. The Benify tool also correlates employee participation with employment statistics such as turnover and absenteeism, and it reveals trends, patterns, and inefficiencies in benefits strategy over specified time periods.

The result: The global executive can uncover opportunities to improve employee recruitment, engagement, and retention while managing costs and eliminating errors. Overall, the powerful tool allows for strategic benchmarking, custom analysis and reporting; and storytelling and presentations. Decisions can be based on real data and never estimates.

“Together with Benify, we’ve developed effective solutions to things which we usually spent much time in doing, which is a win-win for our employees and HR-departments alike.”

Understand Your Employees

There are of course differences in employees from one country to the next and even between those within the same country. Discussions of cultural differences and benefit preferences can be safely based upon reliable, precise data and employee statistics.

Tell Your Global Story

Why are employees leaving the organization? —And where? Which benefits are the most compelling and what does enrollment look like? Is there a connection between ease of recruitment and richness of benefit offers? You’ll be able to analyze and present all these answers.

Take Control of Your Benefits Strategy

Offering employee benefits is expensive but necessary in taking care of your employees. True, benefits are often underappreciated (and we help with that) and likely they’re the biggest part of your people strategy. We’ll help you gain an accurate picture so you can finetune your strategies.

Segment and Filter Data

The HR Executive can work with retention and attraction reporting by filtering data by the employees’: job titles or grades; gender; geography; survey responses for satisfaction; exit questionnaires; start dates; salary levels; benefit participation; and much more.

Convert Currencies Easily

Analyzing cost data from different regions and countries does not need to be stressful nor an exercise in spreadsheet programming. Our built in currency converter makes comparing costs between countries and regions as easy as clicking a button.

Reduce Errors, Increase Cost-Controls

With the Global Intelligence Dashboard, the risk for human error is reduced. Thanks to practical reporting tools and currency flexibility, cost control is greatly improved. Both accuracy and reporting are key features of this powerful tool.

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