As a Benify partner, you’ll use our smart portal
to make it Great at Work for your clients

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In Spain, a large benefits consulting firm wished to enhance their services to their portfolio of clients- HR managers considering which benefits and insurance plans they should buy from them. In a competitive environment, they realized that they had to help with administering and integrating benefits for their clients- and that their own benefits portal was outdated. They began shopping around for a flexible, more modern, and scalable benefits portal. And that’s where Benify came in. We helped them better service 100 customers and designed customer solutions such as customized reporting tools and tax simulations to meet market requirements. With the Benify portal, they began selling their benefits and insurance plans with a powerful administrative and communications tool that not only organizes their offerings but increases employee take-up and engagement. And now, they are scaling up with Benify to gain a competitive edge in Portugal.


Our smart portal isn’t just a way to deliver your insurances and benefits to your clients in a more impactful and meaningful way. It is an avenue to promote what you and your clients do best. In Sweden, for example, financial institutions leverage our solution to broadcast their services, and we serve as a new channel for them to reach employees and potential customers. Benify help create simulations so employees can understand the effect of a pretax salary allocation on their current paychecks and their future retirement funds. We make these tools available on our portal throughout the country, letting all portal users know about the offering that we created together. With Benify, our partners not only get help creating publicity for these new services, but it is a valuable communication channel allowing them access to thousands of employees’ eyes and ears. We can do the same for you and your clients!


We’ve helped many companies be better employers. With our flexible solution they have better communicated the company’s culture, educated their employees about their products and services, and inspired their employees to both participate and be actively engaged. Benify can help your clients with everything from onboarding to transportation and product education- and even exit interviews.


Benify has partnered with hundreds of insurance and
benefits providers to develop an integrated solution
and strengthen their reach.


We work with some of the biggest and best service providers in Europe- and internationally. We integrate their services into our smart portal for companies and their employees to use- and these service providers offer our smart portal when they speak to their clients. It makes their services even richer. It’s a bundled offering that brings greater value to their clients while even differentiating their own services. Below are some of the companies we are proud to call partners. They excel at managing payroll, offering insurances and voluntary benefits, and creating human capital management systems- and their solutions are made even better through Benify.

• Some of the payroll systems providers we have connected our clients to include: ADP, SAP, HRM, and Oracle.
• Insurance providers we have “plugged into” our system include: Mercer, Skandia, Bliwa, GE Capital, and SPP.
• Benefit providers we have connected with include: SATS, Fox Security, Sodexo, SOS Redcross, Edenred, and Leaseplan.
• We have also incorporated employee discounts into our smart portal from the following providers: Hertz, HP, Apple, Best Western, and more!

Meet our newest partner, PeopleFluent, Headquartered in the US:

PeopleFluent is the leading total workforce HCM technology company, redefining Talent Management with an innovative Talent Engagement Cloud that is built around people and not HR processes. By deeply integrating pervasive video, strategic analytics and collaborative social technologies into its complete suite of Talent Management applications, PeopleFluent redefines employee engagement to address productivity loss and diminished financial results due to an increasingly disengaged workforce.  With PeopleFluent, companies can change at the speed of business without costly IT interventions through intuitive, highly configurable software that is built upon the right data.


Benify’s core values:
Exceed Expectations and Show Love,
guide us in everything we do.

And that includes how we support you and help
you present your clients the very best solution.


Like everything we do, in partnerships, we aim to #ExceedExpectations and we #ShowLove, too. You will of course have access to sales tools that explain the Benify employee portal and will have a dedicated channel manager to coach you and support your efforts. In the past, our manager has acted as sounding board, designer, coach, teacher, and guru- accompanying partner teams on sales meetings, holding workshops and trainings, and even consulting on co-branding and marketing campaigns. Our goal is to make you smarter and more competitive. So we listen and add features, too. With the Benify portal, you will offer the smartest, most flexible, all-in-one tool for managing benefits, strengthening employer branding, and driving employee engagement.

”We believe that sharing experiences makes everyone smarter. We are happy to be in a position where we can connect our partners with each other and help them share best practices across markets. One of our partners had a networking and educational event planned. They wished to use the opportunity to illustrate how they could use the Benify smart portal to add value in their benefits discussions with their clients. We didn’t just write a case summary for them to use, but contacted one of our clients in a different market, who then agreed to join us as speaker at the event. It became an in-person information exchange and inspirational discussion. A true win-win!”

–          Linnéa Liljestrand, Head of Channels and Partnerships


You meet with your clients often and understand their needs. With Benify by your side you can deliver a solution that increases the visibility of their employee benefits, reduces their HR administration, and adds easy reporting functionality. And with Benify by your side, we can identify ways that your client can improve their communications and outreach to their employees – and we can help find benefits and rewards that fit their workforce. 

You’ll help your clients manage
benefits, strengthen their
employer branding, and
drive employee engagement


Having all the insurances and benefits accessible centrally— with one password— is worth taking the Benify leap. But how about having this same information hub also delivering targeted messages, reminders, announcements, and of course- allowing for paycheck monitoring and tax deduction simulations? Sounds too good to be true, right? NOPE. We do that with our smart portal to make it Great at Work for employees. Employers enjoy our smart portal anytime, anywhere, too with less administration and more automation because we want it to be Great at Work for them, too.


How do employees know how much you care? How can they associate your company name and logo with positive values? They know their salary, but research shows that 70% do not know the value of their benefits and that many do not even understand how to use their benefits. Important financial safeguards like retirement planning an d life insurance and vital work-life balance programs for improved health and wellness become ignored or under-utilized. With Benify’s smart portal, you can offer a total compensation snapshot that shows the value of your offerings. It’s an attractive visual for current and potential employees- so they know how HR has carefully and painstakingly created a benefits package specifically to make it Great at Work.

“During the Benefits Analysis, we learned that Human Resources was struggling with really reaching employees.  HRs dominant means of communicating to them was through: introduction folders, emails, intranet, and word of mouth. The money the company spent on benefits never achieved the desired level of appreciation.

With Benify’s smart portal enabling targeted messaging and individual information, we found that the employees increased their appreciation of their benefits- and came to understand the value of those benefits as being part of a total compensation package- by over 50%.

Mathias Andreasson, Head of Consultants at Benify


How do you make your employees not only listen but participate, too? After all, engagement is an emotional bond that inspires employees to do their best and go above-and-beyond. Sure, you can offer free coffee and donuts on Fridays. Everyone loves free breakfast. But will this make employees active on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays? How about a go-to interface where you capture employees’ attention and motivate them to log on in order to know about the free Friday breakfast (and that the deadline for selecting benefits coverage is coming up). And how about surveying them, asking for their feedback, encouraging them to refer friends for open positions, announcing internal club meetings, communicating brown bag lunches, and offering internal mentorship opportunities? You can do all this – and more—with Benify’s smart portal.


You’re in the business of helping your clients be heard.
Let us help you with a customized solution.


You can offer the Benify portal as your own- fully branded so that we become a white-label solution working hard behind the scenes to make you smarter and more attractive. OR, you can offer the Benify portal customized to match your client’s brand- with their logos, their brand colors, their typeface. So that the Benify portal becomes an extension of their company and they look smarter, hipper, and more modern. You decide.


As a Benify partner, you can respond to your clients’ needs to communicate across languages, appear more culturally sensitive, or to be in step with globalization. Your clients can present their Benify portals to their employees in the language that they understand. This means each employee can select the language they prefer. The Benify smart portal can be presented in Spanish, French, English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, the Scandinavian languages– and any other language, actually.

Companies with multicultural workforces as well as companies with offices across different countries can appreciate the language flexibility of the Benify portal. How many languages are spoken at your client’s workplaces?


We designed our product and services on a third tenet: THINK AHEAD.
This drives our development and processes ensuring a smooth ride. Every time.


During the implementation phase: Smooth process: A project leader drives the installation of the Benify portal and ensures that all integration processes are set up between your client, insurance and benefit suppliers, and Benify. That means we plug in all benefits and insurance plans in the portal- those you provide and those your client may already have. We handle the secure exchange of employee data files and ensure a stress-free, systematic, and successful project from start to finish. Our aim is to make it clear to the end user- the employee- what each benefit means and to ensure that administration of each benefit runs smoothly.

Training and continual feedback: Your client designates a portal administrator- typically someone in HR- and Benify trains him or her on how to maximize the new benefit administration and communication tool. We collect feedback at each stage – which drives our product development and improvements. In fact, we take each opportunity to listen to you and your clients and suggest new ways to use the portal- sometimes in ways not previously imagined!

“It is my job to make sure that the implementation process is smooth, organized, and hassle-free for each HR department that installs our smart portal. We want it to be Great at Work for them, too!”

Ellen Hagberg, Head of Implementation at Benify

After portal launch:

You client gains access to reporting tools that can not only segment the employee base, but extract key information necessary for various types of compliance. Statistics and visualization of trends is of course available- as well as survey tools, onboarding automation, email triggers, and so on.  Plus, your client gets a dedicated customer service expert whose job it is to monitor the client’s interests and ensure the portal remains dynamic and attractive. If the client wishes to develop changes, we will assign a project leader to accomplish this, too.


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