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Making it great with enrollment

Global Distribution

Insurance carriers and benefit brokers can increase their reach and effectiveness in presenting and selling group coverages both locally and globally. Whether the product is a dental plan, disability insurance, wellness program, retirement annuity, or an entire suite of coverages, Benify’s innovation and leadership in the compensation and benefits space is harnessed to spread financial preparedness and peace of mind to employees worldwide.

Targeted Communications

Benify’s technology allows for employee segmentation and targeted messaging so that carriers and brokers can maximize opportunities to present and sell products long after the employer has agreed to offer them company-wide. The enrollment portal can be populated with product information and financial tips personalized for each employee based on profile or eligibility- or both. With the addition of trigger messaging, recommendations, and decision tools, outreach is absolutely optimized.

Administrative Ease

Keeping track of employees’ enrollment choices and the list of who else they wish to protect can become a challenge without the right technology. Benify applies 13+ years of experience in managing and automating orders to bring error-free convenience to insurance companies and the brokers who sell their products. This allows for more time to spend with employers advising and thinking how best to motivate, inspire, and serve the employees. And this means better relationships.

Reaching Employees Better – One of the largest banks in Scandinavia approached Benify and explained it wished to take advantage of recent legislation allowing voluntary transfer of salary into retirement savings. The bank sought a distribution channel and a smooth and effective way to enroll employees into its retirement products. Its goal: to reach 700 companies and their employees.

Benify developed a white label solution for this bank so that the portal matched its branding. We included the retirement products it wished to roll out plus the ability to safely integrate payroll and employee data files for each of its institutional customers. Long product descriptions and legal information were clarified and made intuitive for the employees.  Documents could be signed electronically, and health declarations could be approved easily. Automation ensured accurate salary deductions, limitations on salary levels, and tax deductions.

Our engagement teams created a communication plan to drive employees into the portal where they could explore the offers and easily enroll. Bank administrators were able to monitor take up rates, and we helped them take action with reminders, push notifications on the App, and personalized messages. Read more 


“We understand that we first need to encourage employees to log into the portal and make it their information and activity hub. That’s why we have engagement teams creating plans to increase visits and adoption rates.”

Our technology and knowledge make enrollment of group insurances and benefits more effective for all parties involved.

Shine a spotlight on benefits

Boost employee participation in and appreciation of the benefits you design and sell, and monitor which products are popular.

Improve the enrollment experience

Make the employee enrollment experience a positive one with easy-to-use processes for education, guidance, and selection.

Know the facts

Increase the impact of your recommendations to clients by knowing how your advice is implemented- then be better prepared for your next conversation.

Make it easy

Decrease administration, keep track of transactions, and minimize errors for you and your clients.

Boost group sales

Increase your group insurance sales in one market or many with the ability to react to employee benefits participation data.

Increase communications

Reach out to upsell and cross-sell complimentary products to employers and their employees with messages via the portal, email, or App.

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