Employee Engagement

Strengthen your employer brand from within

Make it fun and exciting

Promote your employer value

A company’s reputation is key to attracting and retaining talent. We help your employees understand your identity and value as their employer. They can see your investment in them and can participate in all aspects of work life, creating an enthusiasm that makes them more likely to tell others on the outside how you make it Great at Work.

Increase employees’ appreciation

We found that 8 of 10 employees do not fully understand nor appreciate their employment packages. They often do not know the value of their benefits, perks, insurances, and even paid time off. With access to payslips plus visualization of the total rewards, employees can see how much you care about them.

Create an inspiring culture

The secret to a successful company is its workforce. With our smart compensation and benefits portal, you can implement your communications strategy and personalize messages and offerings. Create an exciting culture that engages your employees, wherever they’re working (and even when they’re not.)

Want to know the secret to a great workplace? – At Benify, we know that no employee is the same. With each employee comes different demands, preferences and priorities (even within the same generation!) With our portal, you’ll be able to reach each employee with communication and information that resonates. You’ll give each employee greater control to manage company benefits and rewards anytime and anywhere, easily and via a friendly interface.

We pioneer employee innovation which is powering some of the world’s biggest employers.  The Benify portal will help you to manage all your employee benefits, rewards and communication all from a single cloud-based source so that your employees can connect with you in just a few clicks. Visualize the true value of your outlay – from company pension plans, to bonus schemes and even your workplace coffee. We’ll help you to put the spotlight on what makes you unique. You’ll control what each employee can see and do, and you’ll make it easy for each to participate in the events and offers that interest them. The result: increased satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.

No one would say “one size fits all” when it comes to customers. We realised that the same applies to our employees”

Engage Employees in Company Activities

Taking Part In Surveys

Obtaining feedback and advice to gauge how satisfied employees are, is a vital part of both establishing a baseline on engagement and monitoring results of company activities and policies. Our online feedback and survey tools give employees a confidential, convenient way to voice their opinions— whether they just joined the company or are preparing to leave it.

Joining in Company Events

Registering and RSVPing for training, holiday parties, and even in-house trainings is simplified. Employees are informed via the portal of which opportunities they are invited to join, and then they indicate their response or choose a timeslot to mark their attendance. This booking function and the reminders make staying aware and active easy and paperless.

Connecting with Colleagues

Through our user-portal, we bring our clients’ employees closer together by providing them with a digital directory that allows them to search and find the relevant colleague’s work information via their online-portal or app. We automate this process as part of our entire HR solution, which means that personnel work details are updated with every user file refresh.

Joining in Charity Events and Fundraisers

Our many clients undertake a whole array of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, from running child care centers to helping local at-risk youths. By providing a platform to visualize these activities and document past successes with testimonials and videoclips, success is guaranteed!

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