Easy Administration

Improve HR processes for administrators and employees alike

Manage HR Processes

Personalize Outreach

Connect with more of your employees through digital communication channels. With smart filtering tools, you’ll personalize your messages and offers and can target just those employees you wish to reach. You’ll gain a new way to illustrate your organization’s culture and to ultimately enrich your employees’ experiences.

Maximize Each Touchpoint

Digitalize your various policies, documents and FAQs and make them available via the cloud. You’ll control exactly which information each employee will see and can monitor their responses and participation. With Benify, you’ll create the best impression at each point during the employee lifecycle.

Incorporate Existing Systems

We’re an agnostic partner and do not seek to influence your decision making in terms of your benefit and insurance selections and offers. You maintain your full control within our portal which integrates any payroll provider, HR system, or benefit suppliers you have in place or plan to add. This means you decide what’s in your and your employees’ best interest, and our solution will support these aspirations.

Benify makes it possible for us to offer a wide choice of benefits without having to worry about increased administration

Discover a smarter way to do HR – Cut down your paperwork, reduce your incoming queries, and make your processes much easier to engage with via the Benify portal. Bring together your numerous back-end processes and systems into a single platform. You’ll save time and effort and will ultimately better manage your employee communications throughout the entire employee lifecycle. You’ll also make participation in workplace activities and benefits for your employees a breeze!

Powered by our highly integrative platform, you’ll have the tools to administer your employment offers, target your employee communications, and report on benefit transactions, costs, and participation. We make it easier for you to filter information and target messages and offers— as well as gain the feedback you need from your employees.

Whether your employees view total rewards, request a salary exchange, or seek a specific company policy, the Benify portal offers them a convenient centralized activity center branded for your organization and filled with relevant information. Navigation is intuitive and enrollment processes are simple and straightforward.

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