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A culture to thrive in

The Benify culture is amazing. We have fun together, with lots of laughter and joy in our everyday work. We hang out at work, and after work with trips, training and social events. Many of us enjoy sports and exercising so we do that tpgether, too – and it is encouraged. Even if you do not cinsider yourself athletic, you are welcome. What we seek above all else are people with a passion to exceed expectations and challenge themselves to learn new things each day.

At Benify you will get colleagues that show each other love, help each other out and work together. We love to express our ideas and feelings without judgement. Your career at Benify will be a career where you thrive, learn new things and place yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Exceed Expectations

To exceed expectations is one of our core values. It is something we try to do every day. It does not matter if it is about launching a new benefit scheme, arranging an event or, helping a client to develop their portal. It is in our DNA to keep on exceeding expectations every day.


JOIN OUR TEAM OF 300 colleagues.

  • Elizabeth

    I work with solutions architecture and I love to bike. Especially downhill.

  • Jonas

    I work with solutions quality and I love to be on a boat by the Swedish west coast.

  • Emelie

    I work as receptionist in Gothenburg. When I get the chance I play handball and try to travel.

  • Christian

    I am manager of customer reporting and I love to ski. Especially off pist.

  • Stina

    I am a project manager and I enjoy life the most when surfing or dancing on a boat in the wind.

  • Richard

    I work with client relations and I love everything that you can sail.

  • Therese

    I work with solutions architecture and I love live music.

  • Linnea

    I work with graphical design and I love to cook hot food. Really hot food.


Think Ahead

To think ahead is one of our core values. You will hear it a lot when working at Benify. We believe that everything gets more fun when we are proactive, work with a long term perspective and plan a few steps ahead. To think ahead is important when we develop our product, make plans with our clients, and especially when we plan your future with us at the company. People tend to stay here. We want to keep it that way.

Your future at Benify

We offer an exciting career at a rapid growing company. In 2009 we were 25 people. Six years later there was 300 of us, and we are still growing. Who knows where we will be in five years from now? Working at Benify will make you part of an international team. We truly believe that companies all over the world needs help to attract talent, retain their top people and make it great at work. That is why we exist and go to work every day.


Show Love

To show love is one of our core values. We show love to each other and to our clients. It is not a coincidence that 97 % of our clients have kept Benify as their partner. We want a job at Benify to be a job where you meet friends for life. We want the client relationships to be special. We believe that when in the HR-tech industry, you can never show too much love. We want work to be more than deals and numbers. We want everyone to build lasting relationships.

You will love your new job

We rank high in all our employee surveys. The reason for this is that we only hire great people. (And that we have a Benify portal of course). Actually boring people are forbidden to work here. If you are our future colleague we promise you a warm office with lots of fun. We do things together at work, after work and on weekends. We are a great bunch doing great HR magic together.

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