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Benify to present its research in Stockholm as part of Cornerstone’s 2017 HR. Make It Tour of EMEA

Register to learn how to make HR simple, faster, smarter, better Benify will be participating in Cornerstone’s 2017 HR.Make It tour of 13 European cities, as a partner and speaker at the Stockholm event on June 8th.  The HR.Make It events are educational and focus on the latest trends to improve business processes. HR Professionals can sign up for the Stockholm, June 8th event at the Grand Hotel at no cost. The Benify presentation is titled, “Make it Engaging: Digitalized employee benefits to boost your employer brand.” Cornerstone’s HR. Make It tour focuses on HR digitalization Cornerstone’s HR. Make it tour brings together Human Resources leaders for presentations and discussions aimed at embracing digital transformation and driving positive business impact. Throughout Europe, Cornerstone will be revealing results of a study launched with IDC that focuses on the impact of digital transformation on HR and the workplace. Benify’s Focus on Employee Benefits to Boost Employer Branding At the Stockholm engagement of the HR. Make it tour, Benify will speaking about digitalizing employee benefits as a way to increase employee engagement and boost employer branding. We will be discussing why employee benefits are an important, easy, and effective way to inspire and motivate employees. We will share the results of our Compensation Gap study and discuss the findings from our recent survey of 15,000 employees.

Posted at 2017.05.22

Is your employee communication lagging behind?

Smartphones, tablets and now even smart watches: We’re the children of a digital revolution and we expect our employers to keep the pace. Supported by 24/7 easy access and unique targeting tools, mobile devices have become the most effective way to tap into what employees want and to engage with them overall. Mobile experience strategies are a good way to break through the noise and deliver relevance– wherever, however, and whenever your employee logs in. However, what exactly is the point of being able to communicate with your employees round-the-clock? The answer is simple: to build effective engagement which resonates and which creates greater emotional ties between your organisation and your employees. A recent IBM and Watson Marketing report suggests that the mobile experience becomes infinitely more important than any device. To really reach out to your audience in their digital space – a mobile strategy now also requires an effective engagement strategy. By integrating your technologies, and communicating through personal platforms, you’ll cater to the modern employee and keep pace with the new digital landscape. At Benify, we’ll help you be more effective in communicating with your employees. By downloading our app, which mirrors your portal, your employees will be able to access their personal benefits at any time or any place. In addition, by creating instant push messages in your app, you’ll engage directly with your employee in their personal digital space; whether this be a message about the upcoming Christmas party, a reminder about their rewards packages or an urgent update which must reach all staff. To find out how we can help you, simply contact your Benify contact and we’ll help you to implement a more modern employee communication today.

Posted at 2017.05.15

Benify Your Business With A Proven, Independent HR Tech Partner

Why partner with Benify? No need to strike out on your own. As a benefits consultant or broker, it’s important to find the right, independent technology partner to execute on your vision and optimize your market share. We’re your truly independent partner. We’ve helped many experts within the HR industry make it Great at Work both for themselves and their clients. We work with you to bring value to your clients- without making money from any benefits or insurances we make available to their employees. That means increased reach and sales; less administration and headache; and no hidden fees and agendas.

Posted at 2017.05.08

Teva's Improved Employee Engagement & Employer Branding

Founded in 1901, Teva is now a global market leader within the pharmaceutical industry – and manufacturer of more than 64 billion medicinal capsules each year. Catering to an extremely international workforce, Teva required a technology solution to present and manage its employee benefits offering- including recent tax changes, and it sought a way to inspire employees to engage in their total rewards.

Posted at 2017.05.01

Benify and Athlon Introduce a Flexible Mobility Solution in the Netherlands and Germany

[caption id="attachment_12011" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Employees can distribute their mobility benefit according to their personal needs and preferences with Athlon's flexible solution.[/caption] Benify and mobility provider Athlon launch a new mobility proposition in the Netherlands and Germany. The benefit is available through the Benify compensation and benefits portal, which allows employees added convenience in managing their yearly transportation budget anytime and anywhere. The solution encourages employees to make eco-friendly and efficient choices in order to travel from point A to point B— while not limiting their mobility options. 

Posted at 2017.04.24

Introducing Benify's new report: the top 10 most popular employer benefits

How does the modern employer approach their employee benefits and rewards strategies? Employers realize that today’s employee is a complex entity – more mobile than ever, with increasing needs to achieve a work life balance and ever-growing expectations as to what they feel their employer should provide. To design a benefits and rewards offering, employers are forced to evaluate their employee base as a whole and determine what would be appealing to both attract and retain their talent.

Posted at 2017.04.19

Case Study: How Scania Kept Its Position as an Attractive Employer

Scania is a leading manufacturer of trucks, busses, and industrial and marine engines. Today, the company has over 44 000 employees around the world and sales in over 100 countries.  As the world becomes smaller, the competition increases when it comes to attracting, developing, and retaining the market’s best employees. To maintain its position as an attractive employer, the company must be innovative and be in the forefront in terms of what they offer to their employees.

Posted at 2017.04.10

Case Study: How Swedavia Attracts and Retains Talent

The state-owned company Swedavia owns, operates, and develops ten airports in Sweden, from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south. This network of airports not only connects places in Sweden, but acts as Sweden’s gateway to the world. Swedavia was formed in 2010 and in 2015 alone, 37.6 million passengers travelled to and from the company’s airports. The company employs more than 3,300 people and turned over SEK 5,416 million in 2015.

Posted at 2017.04.03

Benify and L'Oréal Germany win together at the HR Excellence Awards

Benify together with L'Oréal Germany, has been awarded one of the main prizes at the prestigious HR Excellence Awards held in Berlin, Germany. Both companies’ efforts in successfully implementing the My HR Reward Portal surpassed those of competitors from several top European companies. Their collaboration resulted in their taking home the prize in the "Compensation & Benefits" category.

Posted at 2017.03.23

Attract Great Employees With A Wide Benefit Selection

More employers are looking at benefits as a new way to attract and retain great employees. To take advantage of benefits, employees need to understand what options are available, what’s covered, and what steps they need to take. That’s why it’s important to educate and communicate the role benefits play and make sure employees understand the wide selection you are offering them.

Posted at 2017.03.20

Treating Employees Right Is Smart Business!

Employee engagement is key to attraction and retention of talent. It is a key aspect of how involved an employee is within his or her role and within the organization as a whole. For the organization, having employees who participate and are involved with colleagues, customers, and overall goals is essential for ensuring competitiveness and growth.

Posted at 2017.03.15

Tips To Create Employee Engagement

According to Gallup, which has tracked employee engagement for the past 15 years, only 13% of the workforce worldwide is engaged. What makes an employee disengaged at the workplace? --And what can HR do to identify and address these issues before they spread from one worker to the next?

Posted at 2017.03.06

Benify and L'Oréal Germany Shortlisted for Prestigious HR Excellence Awards

Together with L'Oréal Germany, Benify has been shortlisted in two categories at this year’s premier European HR Excellence Awards in Berlin. The prestigious gala will bring together a selection of the world's most respected employer brands to celebrate innovation and excellence in HR. Leading the nominations is Benify, together with  its client, L'Oréal Germany.

Posted at 2017.02.27

The Role of a Reward in Employer Branding

Most organizations agree that attracting the right talent is a challenge in today's competitive labor market. To meet this challenge, companies must clearly communicate and visualize a reward plan to attract, retain and motivate key talent. This total reward strategy should integrate key components including total compensation, benefits, work-life balance, training, career and personal growth opportunities. The problem up until now was that, when asked about their total remuneration package, as few as 20% of all employees were able to communicate their full remunerative package. Most neglected to include the various other important provisions and contributions which our clients typically provide for them.

Posted at 2017.02.20

Use Technology To Improve Employer Branding

Benify is once again a proud country partner of World Employer Branding Day. We will be joining 350 leaders from over 40 countries in an inspirational event aimed at exchanging best practices to build, support, and improve employer branding.

Posted at 2017.02.13

How Vodafone Became A More Attractive Employer

Vodafone Netherlands is one of the biggest mobile operators across the Netherlands with more than 5 million customers. Together with their subsidiary Belcompany, it is able to support this through a strong network of 3,838 employees nationwide. Vodafone’s philosophy is embodied by its trademark “power to you” – which is not only representative of its philosophy in empowering its customers, but is also at the heart of its employer branding philosophy. Having worked hard to foster and nurture a modern, mobile and flexible working environment for it’s employees, Vodafone Netherlands approached Benify because they were looking for a way in which to invest even further in a more flexible working strategy and save costs in the process.

Posted at 2017.02.06

Enrollment Technology Made Simple

When one of the largest banks in Scandinavia approached Benify and explained it needed a way to reach employees, we knew we could help. After all, our solution was built to engage employees and better involve them in their employment decisions.  The bank wished to take advantage of recent legislation allowing voluntary transfer of salary into retirement savings, and it was historically hard for it to explain complex products in a simple, compliant way. The bank sought a distribution channel and a smooth and effective way to enroll employees into its retirement products. Its goal: to reach 700 companies.

Posted at 2017.01.30

24 Tips to Better Employer Branding

Employer branding is top of mind for many organizations. If it is not, it should be! How current employees and potential recruits view your organization will be key to your success. Start from the inside by making it Great at Work and watch how those positive feelings and reactions spread outward.

Posted at 2017.01.23

Case Study: Great at Work with TUI Nordic

Improving an organization's employer branding is something that Benify has been doing since its founding in 2003. TUI Nordic expressed it wanted to work in a more proactive way to strengthen its employer brand, and we knew we could help based on our experience.

Posted at 2017.01.16

Why Employer Branding Matters, Part 2

Understanding the elements of employer branding is vital in crafting successful recruitment strategies. It starts with how you treat your employees- and what they say about your organization. It ends with how well you can attract the talent you need. Below are some facts that can support your plans and inspire, too:

Posted at 2017.01.09

Why Employer Branding Matters, Part 1

Start the year off with an overview of facts and statistics to support your HR strategies:

Posted at 2017.01.02

A Happy Holiday Season & A Wonderful New Year!

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and a wonderful New Year! We have enjoyed sharing our insights with you since we have started this blog earlier this year. We will be back at the start of 2017 and look forward to once again sharing our knowledge and thoughts. Warm wishes, Benify

Posted at 2016.12.23

Review 2016, Unlock Future Possibilities: Part 5

When we consider 2016, we see five trends that have shaped the HR field in which we operate. Understanding these market developments is important so that we can prepare ourselves for the coming year. The first topic examined is the shift in viewing employees as customers. The second market characteristic, is the growing relationship between HR and Marketing, and the third considers employer branding and the role of employees. The fourth looks at the growing power of HR departments, and the final trend we analyzed looks at benefits enrollment:

Posted at 2016.12.19

Review 2016, Unlock Future Possibilities: Part 4

When we consider 2016, we see five trends that have shaped the HR field in which we operate. Understanding these market developments is important so that we can prepare ourselves for the coming year. The first topic examined is the shift in viewing employees as customers. The second market characteristic, is the growing relationship between HR and Marketing, and the third considers employer branding and the role of employees. The fourth looks at the growing power of HR departments:

Posted at 2016.12.12

Review 2016, Unlock Future Possibilities: Part 3

When we consider 2016, we see five trends that have shaped the HR field in which we operate. Understanding these market developments is important so that we can prepare ourselves for the coming year. The first topic examined is the shift in viewing employees as customers. The second market characteristic, is the growing relationship between HR and Marketing, and the third considers employer branding and the role of employees: 3. Employees: Word of Mouth, Multiplied

Posted at 2016.12.05

Review 2016, Unlock Future Possibilities: Part 2

  When we consider 2016, we see five trends that have shaped the HR field in which we operate. Understanding these market developments is important so that we can prepare ourselves for the coming year. The first topic examined is the shift in viewing employees as customers. The second market characteristic, is the growing relationship between HR and Marketing: 2. HR and Marketing: A New Love Affair.

Posted at 2016.11.28

Review 2016, Unlock Future Possibilities: Part 1

Benify has been in the HR field for more than 12 years, primarily focused on making it Great at Work for employers and their employees through our innovative technology. With over 1,000 clients globally and nearly 1 million users, we continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of HR trends and market developments. In fact, when we consider 2016, we look back at our learnings from the two key HR tech conferences in Europe- in both London and Paris, as well as events we have attended in employer branding and benefits selling. We learned from our partners in various markets and from the feedback gained from our customers at various events we organized.

Posted at 2016.11.21

Raise Awareness and Understanding For Increased Participation

One cannot appreciate what one does not know nor understand. We at Benify understand this so ensure that the portal we create first focuses on presenting compensation and benefits information clearly, intuitively, and in a user-friendly way.

Posted at 2016.11.07

Another Bright Idea

At HR Tech in Paris last week, Benify showcased its technology solution in support of easier, better, and more efficient compensation and benefits management. One of our founders even gave a product demonstration and showed how our innovation meets the demands of HR departments who seem to have less time (and more pressure) to implement employer branding and employee engagement strategies. Personalized messaging; visualization of total reward; increased (and easier) benefit enrollment; and anytime/anywhere access were discussed.

Posted at 2016.10.31

Empower Your HR Management Strategies

Strategic HRM aims to align the practice of managing employees with the long term goals of the organization. According to SHRM, The Society of Human Resource Management, Strategic HRM "deals with the macro-concerns of the organization regarding structure, quality, culture, values, commitment, matching resources to future needs, and other longer term people issues. It gives direction on how to build the foundation for strategic advantage by creating: an effective organizational structure and design; culture; employee value proposition; systems thinking; an appropriate communication strategy; and preparations for a changing landscape, which includes downturns and mergers & acquisitions." Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are additional areas to manage.

Posted at 2016.10.17

Bring People-Centric Strategies To Life With HR Technology

It is said that there are three types of companies out there: those who put their shareholders first, those who put their customers first, and those who put their employees first. Whereas we do not believe that any company’s personality can be so easily summarized, we do agree that companies should focus on people. Specifically: that companies should take their employees as seriously as their customers and shareholders and think in terms of how to manage, nurture, and inspire them in an economically sustainable way.

Posted at 2016.10.10

The Future of Work: Both Digital and Personal

Some thought leaders say that through technology, employees will be working less, working differently, and even working anywhere they want. The conversation in HR circles extends this idea to predict that technology will even "disrupt" HR's role in any given company, and traditional methods used to interact with employees will become unfashionable, outdated, and ultimately, extinct.

Posted at 2016.10.03

What does Partnership mean to us?

Partnership with a capital "P" is something we have excelled at since founding Benify 13 years ago. We began with a focus on our customers- HR directors- and their employees, as we efforted to understand their collective and individual needs so that we could truly make it Great at Work. We worked to increase employee engagement and improve employer brand long before these were buzz words.

Posted at 2016.09.27

Simplified Insurance Enrollment For Less Stress, More Engagement

In many parts of the world, it is open enrollment time. That’s when an employee is offered group insurances by HR and can select coverages for him or herself plus family members. This can mean deciding to continue with certain insurances or trying new programs for added protection. During open enrollment season- and even “any-time” enrollment that occurs during recruitment or otherwise,  an employee must determine if the coverage is needed and for whom. He or she must weigh the cost and understand whether electing the insurance decreases overall taxable income— or if it is “an extra” paid out of pocket on a voluntary basis.

Posted at 2016.09.19

How Benify Helped Kuehne + Nagel Improve Employee Communications

Kuehne + Nagel in the Netherlands is one of the world’s oldest and most prominent logistics companies and a market leader in providing global logistics services across key industry sectors. Kuehne + Nagel provides its customers with advanced logistics solutions. As many as 50 percent of the goods which enter the European Union do so through the sea and airports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam; this makes Kuehne + Nagel a leading logistics lifeline for the rest of Europe.

Posted at 2016.09.13

Make A Great First Impression & Make It Count

Most would agree that positive first impressions are important when meeting new people. It sets the tone of the relationship. So, why not treat your onboarding process as a way to create a positive first impression when your new hires meet your company? True, they have met your company during the interview process. We'd point out that they really get to understand what it's like to work at your company during the onboarding process. Make this impression count!

Posted at 2016.09.07

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