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Meet you in Las Vegas: HR Tech Conference & Expo, October 10th - 13th

Benify is set to exhibit at the ​20th Annual HR Tech Conference and Exposition to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US on October 10-13th. The event draws several thousand participants and has as its theme: rethinking HR and leveraging technology to succeed. The event programming is filled with opportunities to explore how technology can exceed employee expectations. Benify will be introducing our cloud technology which highlights employee benefits as a key motivator in recruitment and retention and which emphasizes the entire employee lifecycle in creating a positive employee experience. Offered globally but sensitive to local specifications, the compensation and benefits portal helps HR managers understand, fine tune, and report on international benefits strategies and their effect on their employees. Conference participants can stop by or ​pre-book a meeting to learn more about Benify's innovative technology. We offer technology for enhanced personalization and employee outreach globally and make the total reward transparent and the management of compensation and benefits easy and convenient. Founded in 2004, Benify’s smart technology helps companies around the world manage compensation and benefits and increase their employees’ engagement in the organization’s success. Through our cloud based total compensation and benefits portal, we make it Great at Work for millions of employees worldwide anytime and anywhere. Benify creates a portal branded for the organization that becomes the go-to activity center where employees can understand what it means to be part of the organization's success and in which administrators gain a powerful communications, administration, and reporting tool.

Posted at 2017.09.18

Is your workplace ready for the millennials?

A new generation of employees will soon be taking over- and reshaping the world of work. In fact, according PwC´s recent global Millennials survey, the millennial generation – the name given to those born between 1980 and 2000 – will soon account for more than 50% of the global workforce by 2020. Therefore, it’s critical for your business that your workplace is well equipped for this new generation of employees.

Posted at 2017.09.11

Make it Mobile

Give employees the convenience of portal access via their smart phones, whenever and wherever. Because it is a cloud solution, employees are not dependent on your organization’s network for access to their portal. And with the App, they won’t need to log in at a desktop, either— perfect if they’re on-the-go or don’t have access to a computer. They can receive alerts and messages and can even record and submit receipts all in the palms of their hands. While commuting, in between meetings, or over the weekend, your employees can: Register for insurances and benefits Manage their policies and orders Scan and submit receipts Gain advice and guidance Learn about offers and discounts Sign up for activities and trainings Keep on top of company news and events The result of Benifying: Your employees will be sure to engage in their workplace even when they’re far from it.

Posted at 2017.09.04

Unifying Your Employees Can Be Easy

Make your employees understand what it means to be part of your organization, whether they’re located in one or multiple locations— in one country or many. Benify brands the compensation and benefits portal to match your company’s logo and colors and it is given a personal url that relates to your name. Its welcome “landing” page gives all employees— and not just those working at headquarters— a consistent view of your organization. Some examples of how to visualize your identity and increase pride and loyalty in your organization include: State your vision and mission Include a welcome message Display financial statements Present news or links to press releases Incorporate social media feeds Add video messages from management Show film clips of recent activities The result of Benifying: Your employees' sense of pride in your organization grows, and even your far-flung employees will feel like they’re part of the family.

Posted at 2017.08.21

Make Benefits Relevant For Your Increasingly Diverse Workforce

Deliver relevant offers and personalized messages to your diverse employees. Your employees are a collection of talented individuals, belonging to three or four generations and all with different lifestyles, needs, and motivations. One size does not fit all when it comes to what activities, offers, and benefits they seek. MetLife’s 15th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study found that demographic shifts are disrupting the workplace and redefining employees’ workplace expectations: The family is changing. From same-sex marriages to an increase in single working women, employee demographics have created big shifts and changing needs. Generational differences are no longer sufficient differentiators. There is a great diversity in needs within these groups: Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers. Differences in education and salary. Varying levels of education play a serious role in understanding and buying into benefit packages. Those who earn less place a greater value on the role of benefits in providing job satisfaction. The gig economy is real. In an economy that sees disruption more and more frequently, jobs can look more like gigs. Employees expect to have several careers in a lifetime.

Posted at 2017.08.07

At work with a world record holder: Benify’s Jonas Deichmann sets new cycling record

Benify’s very own superstar Jonas Deichmann (30) yesterday became the world record holder for making the fastest cycle across Europe – cycling 6450 km in just 25 days 3 hours and 38 minutes – and smashing the previous record by almost 5 days!

Posted at 2017.07.28

Discover New Ways to Motivate Employees Apart From Salary Raises

Discover new ways to motivate and inspire your employees apart from salary raises. Benify continuously finds and contracts with suppliers to be able to offer clients and their employees benefits such as retail discounts; hospitality and travel deals; gym memberships; health and wellness support; mobility budgets and trade-offs; and much more. Our Benefits Marketplace is available as a way to enhance your benefits offering and keep you competitive as a desirable employer. We even work with our clients to solve their employees’ commuting challenges. For example, we have handled scheduling and ticketing for employee transport busses. It’s common for us to work with you to analyze your employee populations to best find the “extras” you may need. The result of Benifying: You’ll be able to easily attract, retain, and develop the talent you need to safeguard your competitiveness.  

Posted at 2017.07.24

Make Your Employees Smarter About What They "Get"

Show employees what you spend on them, from taxes and vacation days to pension contributions and health subsidies. Employees get much more than just salary- they just don’t know it! From our Compensation Gap study, we found that 8 of 10 employees do not fully understand nor appreciate all that their employer offers. They point to salary and little else. When pressed to give a monetary value of their employer’s investment in them, 66% could not do so accurately. This ignorance and the resulting underappreciation is significant: 33Euros of every 100Euros you spend on your employees is lost. With access to digital payslips plus a graphical visualization of their total rewards, employees are presented the information they need in a manner that is clear and transparent. The result of Benifying: Your employees get smarter about what they “get” from you and won’t rush off to join your competitors, taking their knowledge with them.

Posted at 2017.07.10

Pre-Register to Receive Benify's Benefit Gap Report!

Creating the perfect benefits package for your employees can be tricky if you do not know what your employees want and need. We know that there are three to four different generations at the workplace and that there are increasing differences within each generation. Employees' wishes and needs are also based upon lifestyle, priorities, geographies, and even gender. Knowing your employees is step #1. What do they already appreciate? What benefits do they feel are important? What do they need to achieve a work life balance? Step #2 is aligning this knowledge with HR's activities.  The goal is to create a useful and appreciated employee benefits offer. The thinking is that this will engage and motivate employees, encourage their loyalty, and even make recruitment easier. Benify is launching its latest research based on 15,000 employee interviews and 100 HR department responses. It reveals what benefits are important, why alignment between employees and HR is vital, and to what extent communication helps increase participation. Pre-register for your report today!    

Posted at 2017.07.03

How Smart is Your Employee Benefits Strategy?

We know that employees want their benefits to help them achieve a work life balance, but we also know that they are more diverse than ever-- even within the same generation. This means employers are presented with a challenge of what to include in their benefit offerings and how to communicate this offering so as to reach all their employees. The aim is to increase employee' participation in and appreciation of their employer's offering. The hope is that executing on a benefits strategy properly will inspire employees' loyalty and increase their satisfaction.

Posted at 2017.06.26

Making the Benify portal an employee favorite drives overall engagement

To drive employee engagement, we drive traffic first. Employees’ engagement increases when they understand all that their employer offers in terms of benefits, rewards, perks, and of course culture and activities. At Benify, we capture all these elements in the compensation and benefits portal that we customize for each client. We understand that employees can only maximize their employee experience if they enter and then become comfortable with using their company portal. To help drive log in rates to the portal, Benify has dedicated engagement experts working with insurance carriers and brokers, and the HR managers that depend upon them when designing their benefit packages. Our goal is to understand which benefits and insurances are mandatory, which ones drive work life balance, what activities are key to company culture, and so on.

Posted at 2017.06.19

Benify FAQs: Employee Total Rewards Statement, Part 2

  What happens when an employee does not understand his or her total rewards package? At Benify, we recently unearthed that as many as 80% of all employees underestimate their employer’s investment in them. This means that few employees understand that their compensation includes much more than just salary. This lower level of understanding results in employees not participating in workplace benefits, subsidies or insurance policies. As a result, they can: underappreciate their employer; focus on just salary when considering compensation; miss chances to increase work life balance; and resort to online compensation calculators when evaluating their career opportunities.

Posted at 2017.06.12

Support Employees in Being Outstanding: Meeting the Eurasia Challenge

Supporting Employees in Being Outstanding Benify is a fast-growing global HR-tech company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It provides a digital platform that helps companies improve communication of and participation in total rewards and work life. Benify believes in focusing on and engaging employees as the sure way to nurture talent and improve a company's employer brand and overall performance. As such, it is natural for us to support and sponsor one of our own superstar employees, Jonas Deichmann who works in our Munich, Germany office.

Posted at 2017.06.05

Benify FAQs: Employee Total Rewards Statement, Part 1

What is a Total Rewards Statement (TRS)? A total reward statement will calculate, assemble and visualize the total value of an employee’s compensation package – including everything above basic salary, for example: Benefits Insurances Pensions Tax and fiscal contributions Employer national insurance contributions Any additional compensation (e.g., an employee bonus) Total Rewards Statements are often provided annually by employers to their employees. They are often presented as a printed document or digitally for the employee to access online. A Total Reward Statement does not replace an employee’s monthly payslip or annual salary summary.

Posted at 2017.05.29

Benify to present its research in Stockholm as part of Cornerstone’s 2017 HR. Make It Tour of EMEA

Register to learn how to make HR simple, faster, smarter, better Benify will be participating in Cornerstone’s 2017 HR.Make It tour of 13 European cities, as a partner and speaker at the Stockholm event on June 8th.  The HR.Make It events are educational and focus on the latest trends to improve business processes. HR Professionals can sign up for the Stockholm, June 8th event at the Grand Hotel at no cost. The Benify presentation is titled, “Make it Engaging: Digitalized employee benefits to boost your employer brand.”

Posted at 2017.05.22

Is your employee communication lagging behind?

Smartphones, tablets and now even smart watches: We’re the children of a digital revolution and we expect our employers to keep the pace. Supported by 24/7 easy access and unique targeting tools, mobile devices have become the most effective way to tap into what employees want and to engage with them overall. Mobile experience strategies are a good way to break through the noise and deliver relevance– wherever, however, and whenever your employee logs in.

Posted at 2017.05.15

Benify Your Business With A Proven, Independent HR Tech Partner

Why partner with Benify? No need to strike out on your own. As a benefits consultant or broker, it’s important to find the right, independent technology partner to execute on your vision and optimize your market share. We’re your truly independent partner. We’ve helped many experts within the HR industry make it Great at Work both for themselves and their clients. We work with you to bring value to your clients- without making money from any benefits or insurances we make available to their employees. That means increased reach and sales; less administration and headache; and no hidden fees and agendas.

Posted at 2017.05.08

Teva's Improved Employee Engagement & Employer Branding

Founded in 1901, Teva is now a global market leader within the pharmaceutical industry – and manufacturer of more than 64 billion medicinal capsules each year. Catering to an extremely international workforce, Teva required a technology solution to present and manage its employee benefits offering- including recent tax changes, and it sought a way to inspire employees to engage in their total rewards.

Posted at 2017.05.01

Benify and Athlon Introduce a Flexible Mobility Solution in the Netherlands and Germany

Benify and mobility provider Athlon launch a new mobility proposition in the Netherlands and Germany. The benefit is available through the Benify compensation and benefits portal, which allows employees added convenience in managing their yearly transportation budget anytime and anywhere. The solution encourages employees to make eco-friendly and efficient choices in order to travel from point A to point B— while not limiting their mobility options. 

Posted at 2017.04.24

Introducing Benify's new report: the top 10 most popular employer benefits

How does the modern employer approach their employee benefits and rewards strategies? Employers realize that today’s employee is a complex entity – more mobile than ever, with increasing needs to achieve a work life balance and ever-growing expectations as to what they feel their employer should provide. To design a benefits and rewards offering, employers are forced to evaluate their employee base as a whole and determine what would be appealing to both attract and retain their talent.

Posted at 2017.04.19

Case Study: How Scania Kept Its Position as an Attractive Employer

Scania is a leading manufacturer of trucks, busses, and industrial and marine engines. Today, the company has over 44 000 employees around the world and sales in over 100 countries.  As the world becomes smaller, the competition increases when it comes to attracting, developing, and retaining the market’s best employees. To maintain its position as an attractive employer, the company must be innovative and be in the forefront in terms of what they offer to their employees.

Posted at 2017.04.10

Case Study: How Swedavia Attracts and Retains Talent

The state-owned company Swedavia owns, operates, and develops ten airports in Sweden, from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south. This network of airports not only connects places in Sweden, but acts as Sweden’s gateway to the world. Swedavia was formed in 2010 and in 2015 alone, 37.6 million passengers travelled to and from the company’s airports. The company employs more than 3,300 people and turned over SEK 5,416 million in 2015.

Posted at 2017.04.03

Benify and L'Oréal Germany win together at the HR Excellence Awards

Benify together with L'Oréal Germany, has been awarded one of the main prizes at the prestigious HR Excellence Awards held in Berlin, Germany. Both companies’ efforts in successfully implementing the My HR Reward Portal surpassed those of competitors from several top European companies. Their collaboration resulted in their taking home the prize in the "Compensation & Benefits" category.

Posted at 2017.03.23

Attract Great Employees With A Wide Benefit Selection

More employers are looking at benefits as a new way to attract and retain great employees. To take advantage of benefits, employees need to understand what options are available, what’s covered, and what steps they need to take. That’s why it’s important to educate and communicate the role benefits play and make sure employees understand the wide selection you are offering them.

Posted at 2017.03.20

Treating Employees Right Is Smart Business!

Employee engagement is key to attraction and retention of talent. It is a key aspect of how involved an employee is within his or her role and within the organization as a whole. For the organization, having employees who participate and are involved with colleagues, customers, and overall goals is essential for ensuring competitiveness and growth.

Posted at 2017.03.15

Tips To Create Employee Engagement

According to Gallup, which has tracked employee engagement for the past 15 years, only 13% of the workforce worldwide is engaged. What makes an employee disengaged at the workplace? --And what can HR do to identify and address these issues before they spread from one worker to the next?

Posted at 2017.03.06

Benify and L'Oréal Germany Shortlisted for Prestigious HR Excellence Awards

Together with L'Oréal Germany, Benify has been shortlisted in two categories at this year’s premier European HR Excellence Awards in Berlin. The prestigious gala will bring together a selection of the world's most respected employer brands to celebrate innovation and excellence in HR. Leading the nominations is Benify, together with  its client, L'Oréal Germany.

Posted at 2017.02.27

The Role of a Reward in Employer Branding

Most organizations agree that attracting the right talent is a challenge in today's competitive labor market. To meet this challenge, companies must clearly communicate and visualize a reward plan to attract, retain and motivate key talent. This total reward strategy should integrate key components including total compensation, benefits, work-life balance, training, career and personal growth opportunities. The problem up until now was that, when asked about their total remuneration package, as few as 20% of all employees were able to communicate their full remunerative package. Most neglected to include the various other important provisions and contributions which our clients typically provide for them.

Posted at 2017.02.20

Use Technology To Improve Employer Branding

Benify is once again a proud country partner of World Employer Branding Day. We will be joining 350 leaders from over 40 countries in an inspirational event aimed at exchanging best practices to build, support, and improve employer branding.

Posted at 2017.02.13

How Vodafone Became A More Attractive Employer

Vodafone Netherlands is one of the biggest mobile operators across the Netherlands with more than 5 million customers. Together with their subsidiary Belcompany, it is able to support this through a strong network of 3,838 employees nationwide. Vodafone’s philosophy is embodied by its trademark “power to you” – which is not only representative of its philosophy in empowering its customers, but is also at the heart of its employer branding philosophy. Having worked hard to foster and nurture a modern, mobile and flexible working environment for it’s employees, Vodafone Netherlands approached Benify because they were looking for a way in which to invest even further in a more flexible working strategy and save costs in the process.

Posted at 2017.02.06

Enrollment Technology Made Simple

When one of the largest banks in Scandinavia approached Benify and explained it needed a way to reach employees, we knew we could help. After all, our solution was built to engage employees and better involve them in their employment decisions.  The bank wished to take advantage of recent legislation allowing voluntary transfer of salary into retirement savings, and it was historically hard for it to explain complex products in a simple, compliant way. The bank sought a distribution channel and a smooth and effective way to enroll employees into its retirement products. Its goal: to reach 700 companies.

Posted at 2017.01.30

24 Tips to Better Employer Branding

Employer branding is top of mind for many organizations. If it is not, it should be! How current employees and potential recruits view your organization will be key to your success. Start from the inside by making it Great at Work and watch how those positive feelings and reactions spread outward.

Posted at 2017.01.23

Case Study: Great at Work with TUI Nordic

Improving an organization's employer branding is something that Benify has been doing since its founding in 2003. TUI Nordic expressed it wanted to work in a more proactive way to strengthen its employer brand, and we knew we could help based on our experience.

Posted at 2017.01.16

Why Employer Branding Matters, Part 2

Understanding the elements of employer branding is vital in crafting successful recruitment strategies. It starts with how you treat your employees- and what they say about your organization. It ends with how well you can attract the talent you need. Below are some facts that can support your plans and inspire, too:

Posted at 2017.01.09

Why Employer Branding Matters, Part 1

Start the year off with an overview of facts and statistics to support your HR strategies:

Posted at 2017.01.02

A Happy Holiday Season & A Wonderful New Year!

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and a wonderful New Year! We have enjoyed sharing our insights with you since we have started this blog earlier this year. We will be back at the start of 2017 and look forward to once again sharing our knowledge and thoughts. Warm wishes, Benify

Posted at 2016.12.23

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