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What we do

Benefits of Benify

  • Show Compensation

    Your employees only appreciate
    70% of what they actually earn,
    let us help you change that.

  • Load the Benefits

    Centralize the benefits
    in each country and
    allow your employees
    to access them easily.

  • Communicate Better

    With employees across
    the globe reach them in
    their own language with
    targeted messaging.

  • Get Automated

    Simple admininstration in
    compliance with local legizlations.

  • Increase Engagement

    Our portal enables better communication and
    keeps track of compensation and benefits.
    The result: Enthusiastic employees.

  • Strengthen your brand

    Let your employees know what your
    company stands for. Control your
    image and take care of your
    employer branding.
    We make it possible.

  • Enjoy Free Support

    We are always looking out for
    you and your employees. Just give
    us a call and we'll help you out.

  • Global Reporting

    Save money,
    increase control &
    deacrease headache.

Employees at AstraZeneca have better knowledge of their pension benefits thanks to Benify.

- Ulf Holmgren, AstraZeneca

Benify helps us to give our 10.000 employees great benefits no matter where they work.

- Ulrika Englund, Sandvik

Benify offers so much more than just a benefit portal. They offer us a way to become a better and more efficient employer.

- Fredrik Johansson, Swedavia

Let us help you

To offer the best benefits in each country

  • Dance
  • Healthcare
  • Gyms
  • Crossfit
  • Online
  • Culture
  • Eco
  • Home
  • Lunch
  • Diet
  • Financial
  • yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress
  • Swimming
  • Massage
  • Sports
  • Cars
  • Holiday
  • Bikes
  • Coaching
  • Commuting
  • Seminars
  • Pregnancy
  • Retirement
  • Magazines &
  • Leased
  • Domestic
  • Employer
  • Eye
  • Donations
  • Education
  • Running
  • Holiday
  • Theraphy
  • Group
  • Discounts
  • Power


You will be seen as an desirable employer when you offer the right benefits to your employees. You will be able to attract, motivate and retain your best employees. Our smart portal makes it possible for you to set the framework, while at the same time allowing the employee to make his or her own choices. We offer full control over what benefits you can choose from and we also communicate the true value of them.

A clarity and simplicity that makes you attractive.


We will give you access to suppliers all over the country in one single hub. We are strong negotiators, representing over 800,000 potential clients, making sure that your employees always get the best terms and conditions from the suppliers. All to make it Great at Work.

Company Specific Benefits

You are never limited to the benefits that we have in our network. Apart from all the benefits we help you with, you can add your own tailored, company specific benefits. No matter if it is breakfast, training courses, birthday gifts or your own gym. We handle it all without any problems.

Discounts make it even better

Everyone enjoys getting a discount. Therefore, all employees will receive a Benify Card that gives them discounts at hundreds of stores, restaurants, hotels and attractions. A benefit that you carry with you all the time.


To make benefits easy is the core of our offer. We save you the trouble of finding benefit suppliers. The administration is automated, and we will help you to tailor the final reward.





It does not matter how well designed your company salaries and benefits are, if your employees don’t know about or understand them! Studies show that the average employee is only aware of about 70 percent of his or her total compensation, this we call the “compensation gap”. Our cloud-based solution will close the compensation gap by creating 100% awareness – making every pound spent on your employees worth it.


The possibilities do not end with compensation. We offer you a powerful communication tool. Our smart portal is designed to communicate the value of everything you offer. You can offer your employees interactive pay slips, pension summaries and projections of the future of different scenarios  – for example, parental leave. Your HR department will save time when each manager and every employee can check things up themselves in their personalized Benify portal.


Benify will also help you when recruiting new employees. We help managers to communicate the true compensation value to candidates with our recruiting tool. In just a few easy steps, a manager can show a future employee his or her actual compensation instead of only discussing gross salary.


Our strength is enabling you to handle all parts of compensation and rewards with the Benify platform. It does not matter if you want to implement a new bonus scheme, offer a new employee stock program, or just give everyone a Christmas gift – our smart portal will make sure it is easy, efficient and fun! Book a demo and we will tell you more.


Of course you do. Benify’s enrollment platform can
optimize your outreach and enhance your sales.


Benify helps insurance carriers and benefit brokers easily present and distribute group coverages to employers and their employees. Through our enrollment portal, we offer intuitive decision-making tools, targeted guidance, and simplified registration for employees seeking financial protection for themselves and their families. We are also able to drive entry into the portal and report back on benefit take ups per product, for strategic use in developing trigger messages and reminders. The result: expanded reach, increased sales, greater appreciation, and less administration. And that’s Great at Work.


• Global Distribution:
Insurance carriers and benefit brokers can increase their reach and effectiveness in presenting and selling group coverages both locally and globally. Whether the product is a dental plan, disability insurance, wellness program, retirement annuity, or an entire suite of coverages, Benify’s innovation and leadership in the compensation and benefits space is harnessed to spread financial preparedness and peace of mind to employees worldwide.

• Targeted Communications:
Benify’s technology allows for employee segmentation and targeted messaging so that carriers and brokers can maximize opportunities to present and sell products long after the employer has agreed to offer them company-wide. The enrollment portal can be populated with product information and financial tips personalized for each employee based on profile or eligibility- or both. With the addition of trigger messaging, recommendations, and decision tools, outreach is absolutely optimized.

• Administrative Ease:
Keeping track of employees’ enrollment choices and the list of who else they wish to protect can become a challenge without the right technology. Benify applies 13+ years of experience in managing and automating orders to bring error-free convenience to insurance companies and the brokers who sell their products. This allows for more time to spend with employers advising and thinking how best to motivate, inspire, and serve the employees. And this means better relationships.

8 of 10 employees
their total

How can you teach employees
about Bennies and increase their
appreciation of your investment?

Wir schließen die Wissenslücke

Wir sind sicher: Die Vergütungsstruktur und die Zusatzleistungen für die Mitarbeiter in Ihrem Unternehmen wurden sorgfältig entwickelt und geplant. Aber Ihren Mitarbeitern sind diese oft nicht wirklich bekannt oder unverständlich. Studien haben aufgezeigt, dass dem durchschnittlichen Mitarbeiter nur 70 % der tatsächlichen Vergütung und der Arbeitgeberleistungen bekannt sind. Diese Wissenslücke wird durch unsere Lösung auf Cloud-Basis geschlossen. Ihre Mitarbeiter sehen selbst zu 100 %, was Sie Ihnen bieten. Tue Gutes, und sprich darüber – so steigern Sie die Wertschätzung für jeden Euro, den Sie für Ihre Mitarbeiter investieren.

Vergütung und mehr

Benify bietet Ihnen viele Möglichkeiten, die weit über die Darstellung der Vergütung und von Zusatzleistungen hinausgehen. Wir bieten Ihnen ein leistungsstarkes Kommunikations-Tool. Unser intelligentes Portal ist darauf ausgerichtet, den Wert und Nutzen all Ihrer Leistungen und Benefits als Arbeitgeber zu kommunizieren. Stellen Sie Ihren Mitarbeitern interaktive Gehaltsabrechnungen und Renten- oder Pensionsberechnungen zur Verfügung. Oder ermöglichen Sie den Mitarbeitern Zukunftsprognosen, z. B. wenn Nachwuchs erwartet und die Elternzeit geplant wird. Ihre Personalabteilung spart viel Zeit, wenn jeder Mitarbeiter – vom leitenden Angestellten bis zum Arbeiter – all dies und mehr über sein auf ihn zugeschnittenes Benify-Portal einsehen und erledigen kann.

Recruiting mit Mehrwert

Benify hilft Ihnen auch bei der Gewinnung und Einstellung von neuen Mitarbeitern. Über unser Tool für die Mitarbeiterrekrutierung ist die Vergütungsstruktur eines zukünftigen Mitarbeiters in wenigen Schritten zu ermitteln und kann klar aufgezeigt werden – mit allen Komponenten. So können die entsprechenden Mitarbeiter Ihres Unternehmens Bewerbern den wahren Wert ihrer potenziellen Vergütung kommunizieren, statt nur über das Bruttogehalt zu sprechen.

Echtes 360-Grad-Vergütungsmanagement

Unsere Stärke ist es, dass wir Ihnen ermöglichen, alle Aspekte der Vergütung und der Zusatzleistungen über die Benify-Plattform zu managen. Ob Sie ein neues Bonussystem oder ein Belegschaftsaktienprogramm einführen oder Ihre Mitarbeiter zu Weihnachten beschenken möchten, mit unserem intelligenten Portal wird alles ganz einfach, effizient und macht sogar Spaß. Fordern Sie jetzt eine Demo an – wir zeigen Ihnen gerne, wie es funktioniert.

Datenschutz bei Benify

Wir wissen, dass die Daten, die wir verarbeiten, besonders zu schützen sind. Datenschutz ist für uns und unsere Kunden extrem wichtig. Unser Wachstum seit dem Start in 2004 wäre ohne das Vertrauen unserer Kunden in die Datensicherheit bei Benify nicht möglich gewesen. Und auch in diesem Bereich haben wir unser Versprechen gehalten. Unsere Fähigkeit zur sicheren Behandlung und Verarbeitung von sensiblen Daten haben Kunden wie Volvo, Ikea oder Ericsson überzeugt. Selbstverständlich erfolgt die Speicherung und Verarbeitung von Daten bei Benify gemäß den entsprechenden Gesetzen, Vorschriften und Regelungen unter Einhaltung des deutschen Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes sowie der Vorgaben Ihres Unternehmens. Außerdem haben wir umfassende Maßnahmen zum physischen und digitalen Schutz getroffen.

Server in Deutschland

Die für unsere Services genutzten Server befinden sich in Deutschland. Die deutsche Benify-Serverhalle ist nach ISO 9001 und ISO 270001 zertifiziert. Der Zutritt zu unseren Datenverarbeitungsanlagen ist rundum abgesichert – physisch und digital. Außerdem wird die Anlage rund um die Uhr von Sicherheitsbeamten überwacht. Neben der Überwachung des physischen Zutritts wird auch der Zugang zu den Datenverarbeitungssystemen mehrfach abgesichert, z. B. per Kennwortverfahren und durch Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung. Darüber hinaus werden die bei Benify regelmäßig durchgeführten Backups verschlüsselt. Installiert haben wir auch ein dupliziertes Stand-By-System am Standort, damit Ihre wertvollen Daten gegen zufällige Zerstörung oder Verluste geschützt sind.

Sicherer Datenzugriff

Wir arbeiten nach extrem hohen Standards. Alle Datenzugriffe über unsere Web-Anwendung werden sorgfältig protokolliert. Verbinden sich die Mitarbeiter unserer Kunden über einen Browser mit unseren Servern, wird jede Verbindung SSL-verschlüsselt. Von Firmenstandorten aus kann nur über VPN auf Produktionssysteme zugegriffen werden. Und wenn Ihr Unternehmen Daten an Benify übermittelt, sorgen wir auch für eine umfassende Verschlüsselung – für die Daten selbst sowie für die Verbindung. Selbstverständlich können wir auch die Wünsche und Vorgaben Ihres Unternehmens in dieser Hinsicht erfüllen.

Nach Ihren Weisungen

Personenbezogene Daten werden entsprechend der Weisungen unserer Kunden verarbeitet. Dabei setzen wir differenzierte rollenbasierte Berechtigungen ein. So wird ermöglicht, dass die Beteiligten nur auf die Daten zugreifen können, für die sie tatsächlich berechtigt sind. Und ändert sich bei Ihnen etwas, wird bei Benify nach Eingang der entsprechenden Information dafür gesorgt, dass diese Veränderung schnell im System umgesetzt wird.

Insgesamt bedeutet dies, dass Benify diese Aufgaben in Abstimmung mit dem Gesetz erledigt und dass die Daten nur der Personalabteilung und den Mitarbeitern Ihres Unternehmens zur Verfügung stehen. Benify behandelt Ihre Daten mit der größten Diskretion.


Benify helps you reach each and everyone

We Make it Personal

When we started in 2004, we saw a problem in the way that a lot of employee communications were directed towards whole groups, even when it came to compensation and benefits. Each employee had to figure out for his or herself what was applicable. We’ve made it easy for you to send targeted messages. So that employees will not be confused and will come to turn to the portal for information first.

From Satisfied to Engaged and loyal

Targeted communications will take your workforce from being just satisfied to being absolutely engaged. You’ll be able to speak to employees as individuals, sending them relevant information and messages. And that, we’ve learned, does wonders for increasing loyalty.

Who hasn't signed the non-disclosure agreement? We know - you will too!

It is common to handle agreements and policies by hand or with cumbersome excel sheets. With our smart portal, all employees can read and sign relevant agreements and policies, and you can remind them to do so easily. It is very easy for HR to keep track of who has signed documents – and who has not. It will save you time and protect you from risk.


Start talking to your employees before they walk through the door. And while they work at your organization, reach them with messages and satisfaction surveys. Get to know them, track their performance, and gain their feedback. And when they choose to leave, send them exit surveys so they can rate their experience. They’ll remember you as an employer who always cared.

The Product




From day one your Benify portal will save you time and money. All handling of receipts, contacts, employee support and quality control is taken care of. Everything is automated and integrated into existing HR-structure. Our goal is to help you so you can focus on being a good employer.

Automated Administration

Time consuming administration is a challenge we love. Our goal is to make it a long lost memory. We have helped our clients to revolutionize what you can automate and turn into a self-service process. Everything that was previously done by hand or in nightmare excel sheets, can be done with the Benify portal. Join us towards paperless HR. We got you covered.


No more worrying if things are really done correctly. With us, it will always be done the same way and the right way. We have a close dialogue with key stakeholders to make sure we follow all the right rules and regulations. While we take care of the worrying part, you can focus on making it great at work.


Since we started as a small company back in 2004, we have seen that HR departments spend a lot of time doing things that the employees can do for themselves. Like checking up what happens if they take parental leave, get income statements for their bank, or learning how to plan holiday time. Our main goal is to save you time – so if employees cannot do it for themselves, we will do it. That is why you always get free Benify support for employees, 5 days a week.

Don’t forget to help
your employees with
their retirement planning

Our portal supports what you
need to offer in each country

Pension and Retirement

We have revolutionized the pension market in Sweden and intend to do it all over Europe. We have experienced that retirement has become one of the biggest concerns people have. At that their questions have grown. It can be difficult to plan retirement and understand the impact one’s present choices can have. We offer a number of tools to make retirement planning and knowledge accessible to everyone. We enhance understanding of what affects future retirement funds, and we illustrate how future retirement funds originate from different sources today.

Salary Sacrifice

Benify offers an easy way to visualize salary sacrifice. We offer a tool where  an employee can decide how much to sacrifice and see the effects on salary and pension in real time. The administration is automated with no extra work for the HR department.

You’ll be surprised how easy we make global comp&ben

A message about our cookies

At Benify, we use cookies on our website so that you are able to enjoy the best possible online experience. We are telling you this because, as per the Electronic & Communications Act (2003), we have a responsibility to let each visitor to our website know exactly how our website uses cookies and what you can do to avoid them in future.

How we use our cookies

A cookie is a text file which is stored on your computer. At Benify, we use cookies so that we are able to enhance the way in which each visitor interacts with our website – meaning that we can continue to bring you as smooth a personal browsing experience as possible.

We also use cookies as part of our Google Analytics exercises, allowing us to compile visitor statistics as well as gain a better understanding as to how you and our other visitors interact with our website.

The Vimeo movie on our website also contains third-party cookies. These are used solely for the purpose of being able to provide this video on our website, and will not be used to store any personal information about your visit.

What you can do to avoid cookies

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You can also manually delete all cookies from your hard drive yourself – however, please think twice before doing this as this may sometimes lead to a reduced browsing experience on some websites, and may even bear risk to you losing some of your personal settings.

Privacy Policy

Statement of purpose
Benify values and takes pride in processing personal data with a high level of security. In this policy Benify demonstrates how we process personal data.

Personal data definition
The legal definition of personal data is; information from which the individual concerned can be identified, either directly or through use of the data in conjunction with other information that is in, or is likely to come into, the possession of the data controller.
Sensitive personal data includes e.g. data subject´s racial or ethnic origin, trade union membership, physical or mental health condition or sexual life and religious beliefs.

How we process personal data
Benify Group’s products are, in short, a total compensation tool through which Benify manages employee remuneration (foremost benefits) and digital advice on pension.
When processing personal data Benify assists the client to fulfill their obligations, e.g. that they in some way ensure that all employees actually get their compensation and to fulfill other obligations in their employment agreements.
Benify Group is Data processer, since we process personal data about the end-user from Data controller (our clients). When processing personal data legislation imposes certain requirements of how this is to be done, in orders to secure individuals right to privacy and safe routines in the processing. The product that Benify provides incurs a lot of contact with personal data. Benify only processes personal data within the EEA.
To be able to process personal data on the behalf of a Data controller Benify signs a Personal Data Agreement (PDA) and state that Benify shall comply with instructions from the Data controller and with the personal data regulation in each country. Benify’s subcontractor (Lifeplan) also have to sign a PDA with Benify ensuring that they agree to follow the Data controller´s instructions and security requirements set by applicable personal data legislation in force at each time
When personal data that Benify Group process and stores no longer for fills a purpose. Benify Group erase the personal data without any delay according to an internal erasing policy.

Data security
Benify Group ensures that appropriate security measures are taken to protect personal data at all times. Security mechanisms including e.g. encryption of data, firewalls, secure logging and access controls are in place to protect personal data.

The end-user’s rights
The end-user has the right to once a year, free of charge through the data controller, request written information about the personal data Benify Group holds or processes for him or her.

Benify uses so called cookies. A cookie is a text file stored on your computer. The purpose of our use of cookies is to facilitate for the end-user, not to record information about the end-user as a person or in any other manner that could threaten his or her identity. Cookies that are saved will not be disclosed to third parties, and will not be used to target ads or otherwise used for marketing.

How cookies can be avoided
Users can always delete cookies from the hard drive in the computer used to login to Benify´s portal. Most modern browsers also support so-called ” Private mode “, which means that the end-user’s cookies are deleted every time they close their browser.

Registering IP-addresses
When visiting Benify´s portal Benify will automatically register end-users IP-addresses. The information will be used to calculate the number of visitors and the frequency.

The applicable personal data legislation requires that a Data subject (the end-user) must consent in order for anyone to process their personal data. However, there are some exemptions. Due to these exemptions, no consent is needed. The end-user will get informed about their personal data being processed by Benify when registered.

This policy will be continually monitored and will be subject to an annual review.


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